• A world where diversity, knowledge and creativity are transformed into action for a sustainable society.

  • education and research for a sustainable society.

  • malmö university’s education and research shall be profiled to meet the challenges faced by society.

  • Malmö university shall stimulate life-long learning and skills for action in an ever changing society.

  • Malmö university’s education and research shall be conducted in a collaboration with other stakeholders in order to identify relevant issues and together contribute to sustainable solutions.

  • Malmö university shall work actively towards creating a value-driven and quality-driving culture.

  • Malmö university shall work actively with leadership and employeeship as a prerequisite for the university’s development.

About strategi 2020

the malmö university strategic platform describes the university’s role in 2020 and how it will get there.

The platform includes comprehensive objectives and strategies for the period 2013-2020 and will be supplemented with detailed plans and objectives for the university’s operations. In developing the strategic platform, the university has based its work on changes in the outside world and on the university’s strengths and values.

In 2020, the university will combine the search for new knowledge with being an important actor in community development. In an increasingly globalised world, rapid and major changes can occur that lead to completely new needs and demands. This will have a great influence on the nature of the higher education institutions and their actions.

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